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Web Development

Before we start building and developing your website completely. The developer must have a build process and follow these steps:
– Planning is a step where website creators need to gather the information they need to create a website. Define objectives and target audience. Then define the scope and requirements of the web what to have. And work must be planned as follows
– Operation time
– Budget

– Information gathering It’s a step away from planning. When finished planning And put to work By collecting information, it gathers the necessary information needed to build a website based on the website that needs to be prepared, such as a website to sell products. It gathers information about the products that will be displayed on the website. By collecting the most complete and complete information, such as detailed information, images, still images, animations, audio and video, the collection of data should be categorized in order to facilitate the development of the website.

– Design is a step that brings information and images to a website. Website design focuses on the layout and design of the website’s screen. To be consistent with the client’s business. The key design element is
– Define the purpose of the site. What kind of website, target visitors with regard to the main target group.
– Layout of the site. By the definition of how many pages on the site. Each page contains content that will be displayed on the site.
– Design of the site. Build in a program that will be used to develop a website and then test it through every web browser that uses.
– Select a web browser. In choosing the web browser used in the display. It will be the size, width, and composition of the site and make it beautiful and fast.

– Development is a step away from designing and building websites. By focusing on decorating and adding tools for the web, such as color schemes, images will help make the site more attractive.

– Test and improve an offline test, has not been uploaded to the internet. But it can be rendered through the web browser as well. To review and improve the font size, image, placement, color and decoration fine.

– Online publishing is called uploading. In uploading, a domain name is registered and there is space for the site’s data, It’s called hosting.

– Maintenance It keeps track of whether the site is down or up-to-date. This is called the update process, so there are always more and more visitors.